Purple Burst Touch Control Aroma Lamp with 2 Free Sizzlers


Brighten up your space and enhance your mood with our Purple Burst Touch Control Aroma Lamp. This lamp is perfect for those who want to add a touch of novelty and relaxation to their home or office.

  • Touch Control: This lamp is easy to use with its touch control feature.
  • Aromatherapy: Add a 1/4 of a pack of Sizzlers on the top plate, turn on the lamp, and enjoy the relaxing aroma.
  • Two Free Sizzlers: With 2 free sizzlers included, you can start enjoying this Aroma Lamp right away!

The Purple Burst design adds a pop of color to any room while providing a warm glow that creates an inviting atmosphere.

  • Lighting Feature:The on/off lighting feature allows you to easily control when you want this beautiful aroma lamp shining in your space.

This Aroma Lamp has an input voltage of 230v which ensures that it can be used in most countries around the world without any problems.

Incorporate our Purple Burst Touch Control Aroma Lamp into your daily routine for an instant mood boost!