Toilet, Mop & Sink Fizz



KJs Sizzling Scentz Mop, Sink And Toilet Fizz is a versatile powder that can be used in a verity of ways

Mop Bucket                                                                                                                                Put Required amount of powder into the bucket and  add hot water and mop away !

Sink                                                                                                                                            Place some powder into your sink and plug hole pour hot water and watch the fizz and aroma work its magic. Getting rid of those nasty smells

Toilet                                                                                                                                           Place the powder in the bowl of your toilet and pour a kettle of hot water into the toilet. Clean with toilet brush if required will leave your brush and toilet smelling amazing.

Available in Lemon Zing, Unstoppable Fresh and Ice Fairy and comes in a reusable shaker pot ideal to use with our Scent and Vacs when you have finished using. 

240g pots