The Story Of KJs Sizzling Scentz

We are often asked why we started the journey that has led us to where KJs Sizzling Scentz is today. Was it planned? Did we ever think we would be working full-time for KJs? Did we think we would have a warehouse and hire staff? The answer to all these questions is no it never crossed our minds.

So Why did we start Kjs?

Kate has always loved using home fragrances, There were always new wax melts, Burners, Room sprays, etc turning up in the post.
One day I (Eddie) came in from work with a bag slung over my shoulder and knocked a burner over; wax went everywhere, up the wall over the cabinet, and worst of all onto the carpet just about everywhere it could. While I spent hours trying to clean it up Kate started to do a little online research and came across a site selling sizzlers. We had never heard of them. The order came and Kate put some into the burner and showed me the packet. What a great product, the fragrance was amazing, no mess, and easy to use. Kate then showed them to family and friends, and they all thought the same. So Kate decided to make a small investment and start selling on social media and to friends. So KJs Sizzling Scentz was formed.

We quickly decided that KJs would only stock products we were proud of and never anything that we would not use ourselves and give our Customers the best possible service we could.

We started doing craft fares and any events we could, we talked to as many people as we could to find out what people were looking for in home fragrance products. The website was made, Eddie then went part-time from his delivery driver job and we started demonstrating at markets in Dereham and Swaffham and as many local events as possible, and using any spare time we had. We were learning more and more about the products.
We then decided to have a go at making our own, utilising Months of research, to find the best possible ingredients, and hours in the lab ( the spare bedroom) until we thought we had the best possible products we could.

We were both very nervous about launching our own branded products; we had given samples to friends and family and the response was really good but what would our loyal customers think? The response was amazing. The feedback on the sizzlers alone was that they lasted longer, the scent throw was better, and consequently, our local following just kept growing.

Kate was still working full time and I was working part-time and doing weekly markets and events while both of us were packing orders and making products in any spare time we could find.

Then we discovered TikTok and began to reach a much wider audience. Our lives were slow to start with but word soon got out about our products and we have never looked back. In the last 12 Months, we have moved from the spare bedrooms to a small unit and finally, both of us started working full-time for KJs. We then Moved again to the much bigger warehouse (Sizzlerland) that we occupying today.
KJs Sizzling Scentz has become a passion for both of us and we are extremely grateful to our loyal Customers ( KJs Family) and for every order we receive. We strive every day to produce the best products and make sure our customers get the best possible customer service.