Home Fragrance Bundles



Enhance the ambiance of your home with KJs Sizzling Scentz Home Fragrance Bundle.

Fragrances Available

Joopy Man
Un Fresh
One Mill
Strawberry Bon Bon
Talco Rosa
Baby Powder
No 5

Each Bundle includes
Hoover Discs
Scent n Vac
Room & Linen Spray

Hoover Discs
The discs are made of felt and are infused with the finest fragrance oils to help scent your home while using your vacuum.
Simply place the disc in your Vacuum filter. 

These colourful discs are perfect for eliminating odours and releasing long-lasting fragrances.
These discs will be slightly wet inside the bag, But will dry when used. 
Scented hoover discs fragrances your home by circulating the air inside of your hoover through the filter and releasing your chosen scent into the air - a perfect finish at the end of a spring clean and ideal for homes with pets


 After cleaning your hoover filter/ hoover bag, simply place one disc inside and reassemble your hoover.
Clean your hoover regularly to avoid damage or blockage as per the manufacturers instructions

Ensure you wash your hands immediately after handling the discs and ensure they do not touch any surface or fabric as they will stain them.

1x 350g of Scent N Vac,
Simply sprinkle on your Carpets, Mattresses and soft furnishings leave for at least 30 mins and hoover

1x 100ml bottle of Room And Linen Spray,
Can be used as a Room Spray or spray in on your Linen for a long lasting fragrance (can be used on fabric Fantastic in cars.

1x 50g bag of Highly Fragranced Sizzlers
Sizzlers are a no mess alternative to wax melts. They are crystals and do not melt. When the fragrance is gone simply tip away. Simple and safe to use.

Keep out of reach of children

Kjs Sizzling Scentz will not be held liable for damages due to misuse or failure to follow instructions

Read the safety information on the CLP label on the back of the packaging