It is both useful and important to understand the benefits of using wax melt alternatives. There are several reasons, both practical and from a safety perspective.

The crystals stay as crystals. They do not melt which makes them cleaner and safer than wax melts. Once the smell has gone you can simply tip them away; no messy wax!
Also, should you tip your burner over, the sizzlers will fall onto your carpet and they can be hoovered up. They will even make your hoover smell nice.

I'm sure you 'Wax Users' out there know how difficult it is to get the wax out of your carpets? And for wooden floor owners the wax can take the varnish off the wood.

More Safety Facts

They are also safer to use because if your pet, clumsy partner, or children pull the burner over, they will not be getting covered in scolding hot wax, the crystals will just bounce off them.

N.B. You can change your fragrance any time you like, and use more or less of them from the packet to lengthen or shorten your burn time.
Eddie Jenkins